Music and Mindfulness

Start a New Practice and Maximize Music’s Potential for Your Mental Health Well, here we are – at home without our regular access to the outside world and the people in it.  Things have changed and we are all adapting.  Maybe this is going well for you [...]

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Cummings CSL Drop-in Program for Older Adults – A Day in the Life

In Honour of Alzheimer's Awarness Month - January 2020 Mondays begin with a preparing for the week ahead- reviewing favourite moments from the past week, inspiring quotes from participants and rejoicing in the friendships we saw blossoming in the room. Planning meaningful programs for the week... finding soup recipes for National [...]

Shake Off the Winter Blues at the Cummings Centre

Reaching out and touching somebody’s hand, as the golden oldies hit song goes, has an important impact on our overall wellbeing as we age. Studies continually show that as social isolation increases, health, both physical and mental, decreases. Statistics Canada reports that 1.4 million Canadian seniors feel lonely and many seniors [...]

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When winter rolls around, we often adopt the mindset that we can’t go outside – it is too cold, too wet or we will get sick. Nothing could be further from the truth! Exercising outdoors can offer plenty of physical and mental benefits, providing you dress appropriately and respect your own [...]

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Health Tip

Our bodies were made for moving! Agility is the ability to move your body quickly, easily and with control and balance. Exercises that help improve agility will specifically train balance, coordination, range of motion, speed of movement & strength.  Your level of agility can improve with practice and increase your ability [...]

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