Helen Scharf: Passionately Devoted to the Cummings Centre at 98

Encountering Helen Scharf’s ebullient spirit and infectious energy, anyone she meets would be amazed to learn that she recently marked her 98th birthday. “I’m still celebrating – I’ll be celebrating the whole year,” Helen says with a smile. A familiar face at the Cummings Centre for many years, Helen thrives on being active: “I [...]

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“I’m a people person – I like to be busy and to take charge,” says Bram Besner, a former President of the CJCS Foundation from 2013-15 and, at age 88, an active volunteer and donor who remains devoted to the Cummings Centre.   “When I retired, I was looking for something to do and I was [...]

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A Dedicated Father and Daughter Bring a Love of Family to the Cummings Centre

“Growing up, we all learned to give of ourselves – not only financially but to always give of our time,” says Wendy Albert, who runs the Leonard Albert Family Foundation along with several family members, including two of her sons. The Foundation was originally dedicated to children’s charities. However, in the early 2000s, when [...]

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Virtual volunteering

Virtual volunteering now part of the Cummings Centre’s vital needs As the landscape of volunteering continues to evolve in the wake of COVID-19, Cummings Centre volunteers have stepped up in order to meet the new challenges brought on by the pandemic and maintain critical programs and services. Over the past few [...]

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Find great personal satisfaction “Social isolation and loneliness are very serious problems for the elderly population,” says Marc Haligua. Marc, in his sixties, has been volunteering at the Cummings Centre for over two years and has seen first hand the difference the programs and services offered at the Cummings Centre make each [...]

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Help lead the way Staying true to our mission to empower and enhance the quality of life of adults age 50 and over requires much foresight and planning.  Developing future lay leadership holds the key. “As a recent graduate of the first group of the Helen Levy Leadership Development Program, I feel [...]

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Shake Off the Winter Blues at the Cummings Centre

Reaching out and touching somebody’s hand, as the golden oldies hit song goes, has an important impact on our overall wellbeing as we age. Studies continually show that as social isolation increases, health, both physical and mental, decreases. Statistics Canada reports that 1.4 million Canadian seniors feel lonely and many seniors [...]

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