Community leader Gail Small champions inclusivity, diversity and women’s place at the table

When Gail Small retired as CEO of Ometz in 2020 after over 20 years at the helm of the organization, she wanted to stay involved in the community. She turned to the Cummings Centre and has never looked back. Small, a dedicated volunteer, has been involved with the Centre’s social services, as well as [...]

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Cummings Centre remembers Leslie Vertes

Cummings Centre volunteers, board members and staff are deeply saddened at the recent passing of Leslie Vertes, 98, a Holocaust Survivor, who volunteered at the Centre for over 22 years. Leslie was a dedicated and tireless volunteer with the Cummings Centre, working in the Holocaust Survivors’ Assistance Office. “In his own warm, caring and [...]

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The Cummings Centre proudly marks the arrival of Montreal’s Pride celebrations with a special presentation ‘Aging Gayfully’, a training to foster inclusion, equity, and safety for LGBTQ+ seniors. The month of June marked the arrival of Pride Month here in Canada. Across the country there were celebrations, parades, moments of education, [...]

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Helen Scharf: Passionately Devoted to the Cummings Centre at 98

Encountering Helen Scharf’s ebullient spirit and infectious energy, anyone she meets would be amazed to learn that she recently marked her 98th birthday. “I’m still celebrating – I’ll be celebrating the whole year,” Helen says with a smile. A familiar face at the Cummings Centre for many years, Helen thrives on being active: “I [...]

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“I’m a people person – I like to be busy and to take charge,” says Bram Besner, a former President of the CJCS Foundation from 2013-15 and, at age 88, an active volunteer and donor who remains devoted to the Cummings Centre.   “When I retired, I was looking for something to do and I was [...]

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A Dedicated Father and Daughter Bring a Love of Family to the Cummings Centre

“Growing up, we all learned to give of ourselves – not only financially but to always give of our time,” says Wendy Albert, who runs the Leonard Albert Family Foundation along with several family members, including two of her sons. The Foundation was originally dedicated to children’s charities. However, in the early 2000s, when [...]

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