Keep your brain active

Keep your brain active and stimulated as you age pursuing creative outlets at the Cummings Centre. Transitioning to retirement can be exciting for some and daunting for others. After decades of giving back in so many ways to employers‚ children and aging parents, retirement brings on a new set of challenges. Picking up an old passion, learning something new, getting back to the gym or volunteering helping others, opens the door to finding purpose and meaning in new interests and pursuits.

Stay creative

Getting the creative juices flowing when choosing activities, serves to keep the brain active and healthy. Studies have shown that creativity does not diminish with age but in fact can be enhanced, combining decades of life experience and more time to explore. Nancy Cooperberg, long time Cummings Centre member and volunteer, is doing just that. “I am now trying my hand in the woodshop,” says Cooperberg. “I will join the crew of dedicated men building products for sale in our gift shop as the first woman participant!”

Nancy Cooperberg

Cooperberg started her association with the Cummings Centre attending a few lectures and exploring her creative side in a variety of art classes such as jewelry making. She now has taken on the role of Vice-President at the Centre and has truly found her place at Cummings. “From the professionals to the volunteers, instructors and members, you are really part of a big welcoming family at the Centre,” says Cooperberg. “I haven’t stopped since I walked in for the first time — I never want to leave!”

The Cummings Centre

The Cummings Centre offers programming in the arts, education, health, wellness and Jewish life. State-of-the-art facilities at the main campus on Westbury in the city’s west-end, include a completely outfitted gym, adapted gym, professionally appointed art studios, fully equipped woodshop, tech lounge, cafeteria and gift shop. Satellite centres in the West Island, Westmount, Chomedey and throughout the winter months in Florida, are continually adding classes and services enabling members to stay closer to home. Virtual Learning, from the comfort of home, allowing members to access speakers and events, a real-time Book Club and a library of stimulating lectures is a value-added component of membership.

Creative expression is encouraged through so many outlets including photography, theater arts and more. Creative writing classes are designed as yet another innovative way to express oneself. “Reaching a certain age and stage of life affords participants the time to reflect and use creative writing avenues to voice their wealth of accumulated life experience,” says Suzanne Reisler-Litwin, Instructor. Thought-provoking classes encourage individual exploration and self-expression. “The cultural and spiritual richness of our community is explored in so many ways through the medium of creative writing — the stories people have to tell are endless,” sums up Reisler-Litwin.

Join us!

Take that first step and join the 50+ Cummings Centre community in exploring new-found passions while staying connected with old friends and new. Ensure enhanced mental, physical and emotional health as you age. Create your own future at the Cummings Centre.

Consult the website at, call us for a program Guide 514.343.3510 or tour our main campus at 5700 Westbury Ave.