Over his many years teaching at the Cummings Centre, Concordia University Professor of Music and Ethnomusicologist, Craig Morrison, has welcomed music lovers and lifelong learners to his classes. “My goal is to make the music come alive for the varied participants by presenting songs and performers in the cultural context of the times.” In a typical class, Craig will play recordings, show images of the artist, present the lyrics and occasionally pick out musical details on his guitar. “I focus on creating a light-hearted mood encouraging students to discuss the music itself, what influenced it and what impact it has had since.”

Discover how music influences our lives

Craig’s musical knowledge and areas of interest cover a swath of musical works from the 1890’s to the 1990’s with class discussions centering on the artist and how music mirrors societal changes. “Much of the music has a nostalgic resonance for the participants and they also appreciate hearing other songs that are related bringing a broader view to the topic. I get to share my knowledge and passion for music watching my students respond to the classes with great enthusiasm!”

– Craig Morrison

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