Cummings Centre celebrates International Day of Happiness

It was a festive occasion at the Cummings Centre as participants in the Day Program, their immediate families and caregivers celebrated the International Day of Happiness. The Centre’s Day Program, also know as Le Club/The Club, provides programs for individuals with memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia and who are socially isolated.

Joanne Baskin, Day Program Manager welcomed the over 100 in attendance to the event that was held at the Centre for the first time. The program featured festive songs and dance and a vernissage of art prepared by program participants. The/ Le Club members were particularly proud to demonstrate their creativity, passions and artistic achievements through their display of art.

Social Worker Judith Privé

Social Worker Judith Privé put forward the idea to mark the occasion that culminated in the special event. Following the theme of the International Day of Happiness, the day is recognized worldwide every March 20 as a way to highlight the importance of happiness in the lives of people around the world. The Cummings Centre showcased the activities which take place at the day program, also drawing attention to some of the areas of challenge which clients face.

Le/The Club program staff were introduced to the audience to include social workers as well as art, music and recreation therapists. The benefits of music were highlighted as a medium for interaction and to help in celebrating who we are and who we have been today. Art therapy was described as a source of inspiration, creativity and collaborative expression. Overall, having fun was emphasized.

Volunteer support for the program

Volunteer support for the program was acknowledged as was transportation services in getting participants to the Centre and back home. Guests were treated to refreshments and booklets were distributed which were created by clients to include the sharing of memories through their writings. There was plenty of joy and good humour to go around with tea, coffee and snacks for all.

Programs are adapted

The Cummings Centre programs for individuals with Alzheimer’s create the conditions for participants to be happy by looking past the issues of dementia and celebrate the essence of the individual. Programs are adapted to their needs and encourages them to reach their potential. The program aims to restore their autonomy and control by respecting their personal choices in a normalized environment. Above all, the goal is to help bring happiness into their lives and to help others in the Centre understand the issues facing many seniors.

The Cummings Centre’s mission is to empower and enhance the quality of life of adults age 50 and over by providing dynamic and innovative programs, social services, and volunteer opportunities in a vibrant, respectful, inclusive and compassionate environment. Building on its Jewish heritage, Cummings embraces people from all ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.

As the hub of Montreal’s 50+ community, the Centre touches the lives of 10,000 people on an annual basis. In addition to its main campus at 5700 Westbury Avenue in Montreal, programs are offered at several off-site locations including the West Island, Cote Saint-Luc, St.LaurentWestmountChomedey and Florida.

For more information, please contact us by phone at 514-343-3510, online at or in person at 5700 Westbury Avenue.