During his lifetime, it was important for Herb Paperman to help the less fortunate. Even after his passing in 2017, his legacy lives on with the recent announcement from the Paperman family of a generous bequest he made to the Cummings Jewish Centre for Seniors Foundation to help vulnerable seniors.

Over the years, Herb Paperman was a major benefactor to the Cummings Centre and giving back to people in need was important to him. He served as honourary president of the Cummings Jewish Centre for Seniors Foundation and always stayed in close contact. He was said to often call or visit the Centre asking if there was something he could do for someone else. He made it clear that if there was a need, he was there to fulfill it. He, along with his wife Leila, set up a crisis fund for vulnerable seniors, which has helped those in need for many years. For Herb doing good deeds was important and he tried to not miss any opportunity to help those in need. According to those who he was in contact with, his greatest pleasure in life was to be of assistance to others and to be there when any opportunity arose to bring comfort and happiness to individuals in the community. This was above and beyond his support to institutions and philanthropic causes.

When it came time to celebrate his 80th birthday, Herb was straightforward in saying that he did not want any gifts but rather chose to mark the occasion by giving back to the community once more. Having already donated a bus to the Centre in 1998, a brand new vehicle was planned that addressed the growing transportation needs of Montreal’s senior population.

What was then noted by Herb was that a bus service would be that vital link to those seniors who would otherwise be unable to leave the house. The state of the art bus, ergonomically designed for comfort and able to accommodate seniors’ special requirements, would make it easier for seniors to get around, meet new people and do the things they enjoy.

“This type of generosity was typical of Herb Paperman and he instilled these values in his family,” said Cummings Jewish Centre for Seniors Foundation Executive Director Cathy Simons. “The bequest also reflects a true understanding of the needs of the senior population. It is heartening to know that generosity and community mindedness are among the inspiring legacies that he leaves behind.”

The Cummings Jewish Centre for Seniors Foundation aims to meet the philanthropic challenges and needs of the 50 plus population The Foundation raises funds to enrich and safeguard the quality of life for the growing senior population served by the Cummings Centre. For more information contact Cathy Simons 514.734.1777.



Top row (left to right) Ross Paperman, Laurence Paperman, Joseph Paperman

Front row (left to right) Herbert Paperman, Leila Paperman