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Post-Stroke Adapted programs at Cummings opens doors to improvement and social engagement

Discharge from a rehabilitation hospital does not mean an end to physical improvement from a stroke. A post-rehab exercise program that promotes movements that are repetitious, intensive and focused is the key to rewiring the brain and regaining control of your body. This philosophy during the development and teaching of all post-stroke, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and orthopedic classes guide the Cummings Centre’s Adapted Exercise Clinic.

A testimonial

Cummings Centre participant and stroke survivor Delys Weightman can attest to this philosophy and attributes her improvement to the Adapted Exercise Program. She notes the benefits of changing up the intensity of the exercise routine from one week to the next and participants are also encouraged to practice at home what they learn in class. “It is very motivating to come to the Centre and do the exercise,” said Weightman, who comes out twice a week. “The Centre is a nice environment and the staff is very encouraging.”

How Cummings helped

Despite many health-related setbacks during the past several years, Weightman says that the exercise program has helped. The community setting of the Centre opens up the door to a range of other programs that also offers the opportunity for social connections. “I am able to interact with other participants in the program and share similar experiences,” she said. “After class, there are so many other options available to participate in at the Centre.”

For more information regarding these classes, please call Maria Fragapane at 514-734-1797.

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