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Pauline Grunberg

Executive Director of the Cummings Centre

Pauline is the Executive Director of the Cummings Centre and has served in this role since June 2015.  She came to the Centre with a wealth of experience working at high-level management positions for 18 years at the Miriam Home and Services and 4 years at CSSS de la Montagne as the Executive Advisor of Training and Local Commissioner of Complaints and Quality of Services.  Pauline has served on numerous community Boards of Directors and is currently a member of the CHSSN (Community Health and Social Services Network).

Pauline works together with qualified managers, staff, dedicated lay leaders and volunteers to ensure the continued development of new initiatives and partnerships in order to fulfill the Cummings mission.  “As a well-respected unique Centre, where innovation and quality services are at the forefront, exploring new ways to address the diverse needs and interests of its members will continue to be a priority. The future looks bright for the Cummings Centre and I am excited to be a part of it”, says Pauline.

Pauline has a Masters of Education in Administration and Policy Studies from McGill, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from McGill, and a Graduate Degree in Institutional Administration from Concordia.

“Pauline’s expertise in the fields of education and social services along with her intuition, intelligence and imagination are great assets for the Centre”, say, Maxine Bloom, Past President.

I encourage you to reach out with any questions or comments you may have.

Pauline Grunberg

[email protected]