Chanukah means “dedication” in Hebrew. As the days get shorter and colder, the Cummings Jewish Centre for Seniors Foundation is more dedicated than ever to supporting the seniors in our community.

Dedicated to isolated seniors like Sophia, who received an iPad from the Cummings Centre during the pandemic, so that she could FaceTime her grandchildren and great-grandchildren – something she called “the best thing to happen to me this year.”

Dedicated to Nadia, badly injured in a surgery but able to triple her rehabilitation time, when the Cummings Centre’s adapted exercise classes went on Zoom.

Dedicated to exhausted caregivers like Lily, who was able to have a moment’s pause while her husband participated in the Cummings Centre’s Alzheimer’s Day program.

Dedicated to Helen, who is “happy as a lark” when she receives her weekly Meals on Wheels from the Cummings Centre.

Dedicated to Dave, who loves his weekly virtual cooking group, one of the fun and practical activities offered in the community mental health program.

Dedicated to Leonard, for whom the Cummings Centre means security and a “route sign” that he is going the right way.

This Chanukah, we need your dedication so that these seniors – and so many others – will always have the Cummings Centre to count on.

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Thank you for making this Chanukah a brighter one for all vulnerable seniors in our community.

Our warmest wishes to you and your family for a happy, safe and healthy Chanukah and holiday season!