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Happy 100th Birthday! – Roza Luttinger

December 13, 2018, City TV

Roza Luttinger, Cummings Centre member and super ager turns 100! And, City TV news dropped by to film her! Please watch her news clip:
Roza has been a member of Cummings for the last 50 years. Here she is photographed in her chair aerobics class, where her 2 daughters surprised her with a birthday cake.

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Making social connections an antidote for loneliness, and your health

February 2018, The Suburban, by Mike Cohen

The Cummings Centre is uniquely positioned to address loneliness and social isolation through its extensive program offering and volunteer opportunities. The Centre brings people together on every level to engage in the many unique options for creative expression, learning, social clubs and support groups.

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April 2017, The Suburban, by Mike Cohen

The Cummings Centre Wellness Centre is uniquely designed for the 50-plus generation, keeping in mind that overall health and well-being is physical as well as mental. They offer an array of classes like zumba, chair aerobics, cardio dance and cardio mix, morning energy, swimming, aqua fitness boxing and much more.

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February 2017, TVA Sports / October 2016, Breakfast Television

The Cummings Centre Boxing Program, was featured on Montreal’s TVA Sports and on Breakfast Television. Kudos to Boxing Instructor Lucia Larcinese for making this event happen and many thanks to Otis Grant for the warm hospitality. Watch a follow-up to this report, also on Breakfast Television.

Join us anytime to try your hand at this amazing class! Hats off to our participants who fight hard every day.