Work out your body taking Zumba or other cardio classes even if you’ve never been in a gym before. The professionals are so knowledgeable and caring that I know they’ll help you find the fitness program that works for you.

– Maria-Cecilia Quant

Everyone needs a helping hand when recovering from surgery or adjusting to life with a longer-term condition. The Adapted Exercise Clinic is a place where people with similar challenges exercise and laugh together and share ideas.

– Jean Paul Dussault

I lost my husband to cancer a year and a half ago. If I didn’t have this place, I would’ve gone into a slump. I know when I get up in the morning, I need to get dressed, go to work and put a smile on my face.

– Hildy Silverman

Participating in the Adapted Programs brings so many of us dealing with difficult diagnoses out of isolation. I exercise in the gym alongside a dance and drum class. The conditioning allows me to function better on a daily basis.

– Denise Cymerman

I have been cross-country skiing with the outdoors club since my retirement over 15 years ago and I am happy to say that I am not the only one of a ‘certain age’ participating! When I am not out on the trails, I am in the workout studio. The trainers are amazing, and there is a wonderful mix of younger and older participants.

– Doreen Miller

Through the various programs at the Centre focusing on people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, I get the individualized attention I need to help me accomplish my goals.  From boxing sessions to Broadway classes, lectures and support groups, I can better bear my daily challenges, gain courage and support from others.

– Ray Eascott

The professionals in the Wellness Centre are simply amazing! I had quite a few aches and pains including sciatica when I first started my individualized exercise program but I now feel stronger and much better. The atmosphere in the Centre is so warm and I feel very secure-we are truly part of an extended family!

– Murielle Alloun

You live a different life in older years. You play the best of the cards you’re dealt. You give up or get up. I get up, workout out in the Cummings Gym, work on my strength… It’s a wonderful facility.

– Leonard Albert

This is such a positive atmosphere where everyone helps one another. I found out that I could do many things here… from art to yoga. Bit by bit, you become more flexible, more comfortable in your own body and talents. It gives me strong hope to become a healthy, vibrant 90!

– Janis Lipes