March is Music Therapy Month, and at The Cummings Centre we offer a range of programs designed to enhance people’s quality of life through music making.  People join for a variety of reasons.  Happy Hour Ukulele Club member, Stephen Weinstein, shares a little about the benefits of making music online.

“Although not designated as a “music therapy program” per se, our ukulele club does indeed serve that purpose, though perhaps not intentionally. It gives purpose, builds confidence, discipline and friendships (albeit remotely for the time being). In addition it brings joy and smiles, especially after playing and perfecting a difficult piece. Did I mention the dexterity (physical and mental) required to play this tiny instrument? And if you are introduced to new songs and can sing the songs, the benefits are compounded. “

Stephen Weinstein

As a younger 50+er, I am continually inspired by the active, vibrant community I have found at Cummings. Apprenticing with the amazing group in the woodshop allows me to learn new skills producing items for sale as a way to give back to my community.

– Danny Waldston

Come to Cummings, it will exceed your expectations. This community-based, heart-based organization makes it so easy to continue to learn, to speak your mind and express your ideas. Discover what is here for you.

– Eva Kuper

Looking for a challenge, while still working a four-day week, brought me to the Improv Theatre and Creative Writing classes at Cummings. I am really happy I stepped out of my comfort zone and found my inspiration here at the Centre.

– Howard Lewis

As a long-time participant and governor, I am so proud to tell everyone I meet about the Cummings Centre, whether in Montreal or my second home in Florida.  Staff and volunteers are enthusiastic, creative and compassionate.

– Lewis Cooper

I like to challenge myself, so learning and playing bridge at the Centre are not only good for the mind but provide a wonderful way to socialize and be with people.

– Elvira Hood

Beginning with introductory painting and drawing, in pencil and acrylic, I now participate in Advanced Studio Practice working on individual portrait painting inspired by family photos.

– Bev Akerman

Alongside my many volunteer roles, taking the life writing course has allowed me to record my life story for my children. Cummings continually comes through for me.

– Gerry Greenblat

The drama group lets me explore non-traditional stage acting such as improv. There is always something new to learn. It’s really a whole lot of fun!

– Steve Korolnek

Retiring from a lifelong profession was very scary. Participating in dance, French and writing classes have taken away my fears. I have found new passions, new friends and new purpose.

Gundie Robertson

We share a bond with everyone in the choir singing our favorites from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. No need to have a good voice or read music to join the choir. We just have a good time!

– Norm Spatz

Being retired, we are always looking for activities to do together and with its warm atmosphere and bright pleasant facilities, we always feel welcome at the Cummings Centre.

– Angela and Yvon Larin