As a younger 50+er, I am continually inspired by the active, vibrant community I have found at Cummings. Apprenticing with the amazing group in the woodshop allows me to learn new skills producing items for sale as a way to give back to my community.

– Danny Waldston

Come to Cummings, it will exceed your expectations. This community-based, heart-based organization makes it so easy to continue to learn, to speak your mind and express your ideas. Discover what is here for you.

– Eva Kuper

Looking for a challenge, while still working a four-day week, brought me to the Improv Theatre and Creative Writing classes at Cummings. I am really happy I stepped out of my comfort zone and found my inspiration here at the Centre.

– Howard Lewis

As a long-time participant and governor, I am so proud to tell everyone I meet about the Cummings Centre, whether in Montreal or my second home in Florida.  Staff and volunteers are enthusiastic, creative and compassionate.

– Lewis Cooper

I like to challenge myself, so learning and playing bridge at the Centre are not only good for the mind but provide a wonderful way to socialize and be with people.

– Elvira Hood

Beginning with introductory painting and drawing, in pencil and acrylic, I now participate in Advanced Studio Practice working on individual portrait painting inspired by family photos.

– Bev Akerman

Alongside my many volunteer roles, taking the life writing course has allowed me to record my life story for my children. Cummings continually comes through for me.

– Gerry Greenblat

The drama group lets me explore non-traditional stage acting such as improv. There is always something new to learn. It’s really a whole lot of fun!

– Steve Korolnek

Retiring from a lifelong profession was very scary. Participating in dance, French and writing classes have taken away my fears. I have found new passions, new friends and new purpose.

Gundie Robertson

We share a bond with everyone in the choir singing our favorites from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. No need to have a good voice or read music to join the choir. We just have a good time!

– Norm Spatz

Being retired, we are always looking for activities to do together and with its warm atmosphere and bright pleasant facilities, we always feel welcome at the Cummings Centre.

– Angela and Yvon Larin