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Enhancing the lives of older adults


We all struggle with the reality of aging, be it ourselves or our loved ones. Whether we’re worried about the challenges we will face in the future or those we are already facing today.

Nobody likes to lose their independence. So when we experience difficulty getting around, cooking meals, or simply doing what we want, when we want, we don’t always know where to look for help. Imagine sitting down with someone who can provide you with a plan to improve your quality of life.

The Cummings Centre professional Social Services team is trained to provide you with the support you and your family need. We listen to what is going on in your life, either as a senior or, someone caring for a loved one. We see the bigger picture so we can help you make the best short and long-term choices.

The Social Services Department is comprised of an integrated professional team  including social workers, homecare workers, counselors, drivers, art therapists, music therapists and drama therapists.

Services are provided in a variety of languages including: English, French, Hebrew, Russian and Yiddish.

Our Services include:

All services require an evaluation.

Eligibility and cost are based on specific criteria.

For more information, contact our Intake Department at 514.342.1234.

 Services funded in part by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.