Julius Grey: “Political Correctness and Freedom of Expression"

In the 30 years following World War II western countries created a more just society than we had ever observed. It was not perfect but it created Medicare, pensions, virtually free education and much smaller gap between the rich and the poor. It also enshrined human rights as a basic principle.

In the following 40 years we undid all of that. We have created a growing gap between rich and poor, an aging underfunded social system, an environmental crisis and a complete decline in freedom of expression in art and in culture and in family structure. How did we do this, and how do we reverse it?

Julius Grey was educated in Montreal where he obtained a BA (Great Distinction) in 1970, a BCL in 1971, and an MA in 1973. He also studied at Oxford University where he received a BCL (1st class) in 1973. His professional experience includes Research Assistant for the Law Reform Commission (Sentencing) in 1972, Stagiaire at O'Brien Hall Saunders (1970-1974), Lawyer at Lapointe Rosenstein (1974-1976), Counsel at Lazare, Altschuler (1976-78). He has his own law offices since 1978 where he is Senior Partner. He has taught at McGill University, from 1975 - 2003, (tenured 1983 - 2003) a variety of legal subjects including Civil Liberties, Administrative Law, Immigration Law, Family Law and Statute Law. He also taught at the University of Montreal and the Quebec Bar. Julius Grey has been a member of the International Commission of Jurists, the Canadian Bar Association, the American Bar Association and the Canadian Human Rights Foundation, where he was Vice-President (1982-85) and President (1985-1988) and was a member of Fondation des Gouverneurs du Barreau. He is the author of Immigration in Canada, (1984), numerous legal articles, notes and comments and non-legal articles in newspapers and magazines. He has co-authored a book with Professor Geneviève Nootens about his social and legal views in 2014, entitled ‘’ Entretiens avec Julius Grey’’. In 2019 his book Capitalism and the Alternatives was published by McGill Queen’s University Press. He has appeared before the Courts at all levels, Civil and Criminal divisions, Administrative, Municipal, Superior, Appeal (Quebec), Federal Court and the Supreme Court of Canada. He has been a member of several boards of directors in cultural institutions. In April 2004 he was awarded the Médaille du Barreau du Québec which is the highest distinction a member can receive.
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