In keeping with creating a meaningful workplace “CULTURE” at the Cummings Centre, the Volunteer Department invited staff to join in undertaking a “GOOD DEED”, any act of kindness that has meaning for them. We know that giving back to community, while performing good deeds, provides one with a sense of pride, satisfaction and happiness. We also know that living with a passion for social justice moves us from those who care to those who take action and affect change.

Our Good Deeds Tree is a wonderful reflection of the caring staff members of the Cummings Centre taking action! In January, the Volunteer Department asked the staff to do a good deed and write out their deed on a helping hand to post on our Good Deeds Tree.  Our tree was unveiled in time for National Volunteer Week April 8- 12, 2019 and has been proudly hanging in the hallway outside of our Café Shalom. We are so proud of the good deeds that were completed over the past few months by our Cummings Centre colleagues.

Nancy C.


May 2017, The Suburban, by Joel Goldenberg

Being an active senior can involve anything from visiting shopping malls daily to discuss current events with friends, to running marathons. For native Montrealer Nancy Cooperberg, a 75-year-old married mother of two and grandmother of eight, being active has meant a great deal of volunteer work.

That includes being the first woman president of the Shaare Zedek Synagogue in NDG, volunteer Program Services committee chair and more recently incoming chair for the Wellness committee.

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David Novek

Legendary film publicist David Novek deserves official honour

June 2017, The Montreal Gazette, by Kevin Tierney

It’s strange how life gets caught up in particular memories of particular experiences long after they are over. I sometimes still get a flash on Sunday night of “school tomorrow.” In May, it’s lilacs and in June it’s graduation — saying goodbye to the old and reflecting on what one has learned.

In that spirit, though it has been a while since I graduated from anything, I would like to salute one of my mentors, David Novek.

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Summer 2017, The Montreal Gazette

According to Statistics Canada in a 2016 report, as many as 1. 4 million older adults living in Canada report feeling lonely. In fact, a recent study by Brigham Young University has identified that loneliness has the same negative effect on health as obesity, being an alcoholic, or smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

The Cummings Centre works to change that! The Centre brings people together on every level to engage in the many unique options for creative expression, learning, social clubs and support groups.

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