Creative writing instructor Suzanne Reisler Litwin designs each class to take students to parts of their lives that they want and need to express. “The cultural and spiritual richness of our community is explored in so many ways through the medium of creative writing. When students share their work, it‘s amazing to see  how the topics we cover are interpreted so differently.”

Let your creative juices flow

“Reaching a certain age and stage of life affords participants the time to reflect and use creative writing avenues to express their wealth of accumulated life experiences. For some, it’s the loss of a spouse or vivid memories of their past, perhaps a new exciting awareness. Students feel free to tell their personal stories and express themselves. Thought-provoking classes are designed to encourage individual exploration focusing on the five senses, analyzing and reacting to a favourite poem or trying their hand at writing by candlelight. The stories people have to tell are endless,” says Suzanne. “I try to reach everyone and shepherd them towards inspired self-expression. I am honoured to act as a guide while I teach my students about writing, they teach me about life.”

– Suzanne Reisler Litwin 

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